Our Story
September Week of Action
Our Story

The global youth climate movement comes to Canada.

Climate Strike Canada is the overarching network of students, young people, activists, and allies, which connects all of the climate action surrounding the Canadian school strike movement. Its initial school strikes were inspired by Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays for Future” movement, in which children of all ages strike from school on Fridays to call for urgent climate action. Because of Canada’s size and incredible diversity, not everyone who plans and attends a strike does it in the same way. Some strikes are not held on Fridays, some happen every month as opposed to every week, and some are planned and attended by parents, university students, and elementary school students, rather than just high schoolers. However, we are united by a goal of climate justice, and we all empower, train, and equip one another with the goals and means to create change in our communities.

Climate Strike Canada’s philosophy is non-partisan and inclusive. Though our most recognizable actions are the school strikes, we are involved in a wide range of climate actions—from lawsuits to die-ins, to education and wellness discussions, to calling for the declaration of climate emergencies in our respective towns and cities!

Everything we do is in line with our demands, and our call for climate action. Above everything else, we exist to give a voice to young people and to urge our government to end its legacy of colonization and exploitation and instead act to restore Indigenous rights and counter the climate crisis before the damage to our Earth becomes irreparable. We are fighting for the future.

Our Mission
The unraveling of a stable climate system by industrial capitalism has unleashed the gravest ecological, social, and political crisis in human history. We intend to confront the scale of this crisis, and create a better world, by representing youth across Canada and cultivating a culture of compassion. Climate justice is about more than greenhouse gas emissions: it’s about workers’ rights and economic justice. It’s about the rights of Indigenous peoples and migrants. It’s about anti-racism and social justice. Each battle is entangled within another, and victory is only possible if we fight all of them as a unified entity. Together, we are stronger.

Our Next Steps
Our next major campaign will lead up to the global #EarthStrike on September 27th, and the Canadian Federal Election on October 21st. As we prepare for a week of action between September 20th and 27th, we continue to recruit and consolidate an emerging coalition of Canadian climate strikers. For more information, click here. If you are interested in registering a local chapter, click here.


Timeline of Action

Friday, March 15th

160 000 students from kindergarten to university took to the streets alongside an estimated 1.4 million students worldwide. In Quebec, 120 student associations voted to go on strike, and Montreal hosted the largest climate strike in the world. Climate Strike Canada was founded by a coalition of the school strikers in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec and quickly expanded to Manitoba, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, Alberta.

Friday May 3rd

Climate Strike Canada organized its first nationally-driven climate strike. Students in over 100 communities and cities across the country went on strike, supporting our seven demands for federal party leaders. In Ottawa, Prime Minister Trudeau held a Youth Summit, and CSC member Emma Lim organized a die-in to address the Prime Minister about his inaction on the climate crisis.

Friday, September 27th

Climate Strike Canada is calling on parents, unions, businesses, and the general public to join us in an international #EarthStrike for climate action. Visit our contact page to get involved in planning one of the largest national protests in Canadian history.