Our Demands
Rights of Indigenous Peoples Protection of Most Affected Groups
Recognize Canada’s disproportionate role in the climate crisis, and our subsequent responsibility to protect the most vulnerable. Include the addition of climate displacement as a basis for refugee status. Provide climate aid to lower and middle-income countries, as well as Arctic Canada, which inordinately experience the immediate impacts of global warming.
A Just Transition
Transition to renewable energy and sustainable transportation infrastructure, while guaranteeing opportunity for fossil fuel workers in the new economy.
Environmental Rights
Enshrine in law the fundamental right to a healthy environment. This would include, but is not limited to, the right to safe air, clean water, and healthy soil.
Conservation of Biodiversity
Maintain and protect old growth forests, restore cut blocks, reduce habitat fragmentation, and strengthen the protection of at-risk species.
Separation of Oil and State
Reject all new fossil fuel extraction or transportation projects, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, and price pollution.
Bold Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Targets
Legislate net greenhouse gas emission reductions of 75% over 2005 levels by 2030.
Climate Strike Canada officially endorses a Canadian Green New Deal, and echoes the demands presented in the Global People’s Platform for a Livable Future. In addition, Climate Strike Canada is a strong proponent of the National Inuit Climate Change Strategy.