ON MAY 24,


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Youth know the truth.

That the climate crisis will threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

That we are at a crossroads in the history of humanity, and the action we do or don’t take will determine the future of civilization.

That we need widespread, systemic change, and that we need it now.



We took action on March 15th, and we’re only just getting started.

On March 15th, 2019, 160 000 youth in Canada took to the streets to demand climate justice.

But one strike doesn’t change government policy - an organized movement does. So, as a collective of young people from across the country, we aim to steer Canadian society off our current path of ecological and social catastrophe. Drastic climate action is the only rational option for humanity.

On May 3rd, we will strike again, and we will continue to strike until our demands are met.

I want you to act like our house is on fire. Because it is.
— Greta Thunberg

This movement is about truth, justice, and creating a better world for everyone.


Our story

Climate Strike Canada is part of the global youth-led climate school strike movement. Our mission is to steer Canada off our current path of social and ecological catastrophe; creating a better world by cultivating a culture of compassion and respect.

Inspired by the Fridays for Future movement, students and supporters across Canada will be striking en masse on May 3rd, 2019.

Climate justice is about more than greenhouse gas emissions. It’s about workers’ rights. Indigenous rights. Migrant justice. Anti-racism. Affordable housing. Each battle is entangled within another, and we can’t win any if we don’t unite to fight them all.

In this critical time, we must fight back harder than ever before to strengthen and sustain our communities again. Together, we are better.

Connect with your local climate strikers. Sign the open letter outlining our demands. Feel free to contact us to connect.



In Victoria, Kelowna, Vancouver, and across the lower mainland, hundreds and thousands of youth came out to march. In BC, high school organizers have continued the momentum by actively pressuring regional councils to declare a climate emergency.

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Hundreds marched in Halifax, heading to City Hall then to Province House, the provincial legislative building. Halifax is one of two cities in Canada to have declared a climate emergency.



In Quebec, Climate Strike Canada group “La planète s'invite à l'Université” (LPSU) organized 120 student associations (150,000 university students) to vote to strike, prompting the Quebec’s Minister of Environment Benoit Charette to request a meeting. In Montreal alone, 150,000 people marched through the streets on March 15th.



In Ontario, activists organized in Toronto and Ottawa, rallying outside of the provincial and federal parliament buildings. Even small towns like Lindsay and Brighton were striking! In Kingston, student climate activists succeeded in pressuring the city to to declare a climate emergency.

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After a much larger march than anticipated in Regina and Saskatoon, students planned another rally on March 22 in front of the Legislative building to demand action. May 3 is going to be even bigger and better!



Over 500 students marched in Edmonton and Calgary. Nothing else could be more powerful in the heart of Canada’s oil sands.

Get involved!


find your local strike

The more strikers we have, the stronger message we send. We need everyone on board.

Get in touch with a strike group near you!

organize your own strike

If there’s no strike near you, organize your own!

Learn how to get started here.

make an #InspiredtoStrike video

The Liberal government is hosting a Youth Summit in Ottawa from May 2-3. Before the Youth Summit, they want youth to post videos explaining why we are #InspiredToServe. Tell them why you’re #InspiredToStrike for the climate, and hashtag #InspiredToServe and #InspiredToStrike.

Tag us @climatestrikecanada!


sign our open letter

If you’re eligible to vote in Canada, sign on to our open letter demanding that all political parties have a comprehensive and bold plan for climate justice.

Open letter here.

get 5 adults to sign onto our open letter

The future of youth is in peril, but the power is disproportionately in the hands of adults. But youth can be the moral compass. Talk to the adults in your life and convince them to vote with climate as their priority.

Open letter here